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If you're in Norwalk and looking for sustainable design objects Eco Evolution is one of the first stores to look for.
Eco Evolution
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Eco Evolution

We were lucky to witness the The Eco Dude’s (Instagram-->@The.Eco.Dude) hilarious adventures with switching his family to sustainable living. His posts resonated with a lot of people, who started visiting his pop-up’s at local events. As community support grew, a successful Kickstarter campaign led to this wonderful shop. Their fresh brewed coffees are roasted with solar energy, and the chances are high that you will find not only a planet-forward product for yourself or a loved one.

As Bitti Gitti, we're honored to be partnering with Eco Evolution and hope you'll enjoy their collection as well.

Unique design objects

How did Eco Evolution start?

Eco Evolution started during the pandemic with a blog on Instagram about me trying to take the plastic out of my home while my my family rolled their eyes!

But I was  determined.  Along the journey, I learned so much about the environment and how we can help repair Mama Earth and I decided to spread the love and help others find the products I was already using.  I started doing farmers markets which served  as the best market research for my concept.

And a year later I was opening a brick and mortar store!

Can you tell us a memorable story from a customer of yours ?

I had one customer who said her friend was so picky and never liked her gifts. But she felt the simplicity of the design of the Wooden Sound System and the wood/ black combo would be perfect for her.  She was right and her friend loved the gift and wanted to see where she bought it and they came in together.  It was a nice moment with customers.

How do you decide which products to sell in your store?

I do all the purchasing.  I have a carbon footprint commitment that 80% of my products come from an average 8 hour drive. The products that are part of the 20% have to be fair trade and unique…something I cannot get locally. That’s where the Wooden Sound System comes in

If you could open another store in any city in the world (w/o any limitations), which city it would be and why?

Istanbul, naturally!  I have been there and it’s a great city.  I think my concept would do great there.  Eco friendly products + local artisan market + sustainable coffee / tea cafe.

How did you discover Bitti Gitti?

On Faire, while looking for unique, eco friendly products for the December holiday season in 2021. They sold out fast and I’ve reordered 2 or 3 times already

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