Custom Screen Printer Kits

Let your audience print your special edition custom designs in the most collaborative and timeless way imaginable.
Custom Screen Printer

Wooden Notebook Kit

Is a German Design Award 2018 winning smartphone speaker, handcrafted from prime quality birchwood. It increases sound volume by an average of 25 dB’s and widens tonal range.

It requires no batteries or power source, and the universal design fits all smartphone models to provide
the best sound experience.
plain wooden notebook
eco friendly

Natural Materials

Water Based Paints

customizable notebooks

One of a Kind

The Next Step Forward

Sustainable fashion and the appeal of handmade is here to stay. We help take your store to the forefront, by preparing DIY Screen Printing Kits with your designs of choice.

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German Design Award winner screen printer
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One frame, many prints

Screen printing made accessible to beginners and pros alike. Easy to print, easy to clean using only water, and easy to care for years of use.

Screen Printer Kit

all the essentials to start printing

Sustainable and ergonomic Squeegee

A %96 reduction in plastic usage make it easier on the hands and the planet

All Natural Water Based Fabric Ink

Water based fabric inks are odorless and clean up effortlessly.

easy access

Flattening the Learning Curve

All these improvements have made mastering the main techniques in under 15 minutes possible for the first time.

Lightweight Handcrafted Frame

Award winning unibody wooden screen printing frames, with your designs pre-exposed and ready to print.

Takes only a couple of seconds to print, a lifetime to enjoy.

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Custom Wooden Screen Printing Kit

Combining your unique design with one of the worlds most popular printing methods for an unforgettable experience.

Where Can It Be Used On?

The same screen printing frame can be used to print on various surfaces like wood, cotton or paper.


Screen printed t-shirts are the best, because pressure sends the ink deep in the cotton for vivid colors and a smooth silky touch.


Screen printed totes are practical, affordable and intimate. They also make wonderful gifts.

Notebook Covers

Screen printing on notebook covers is a great way to add your designs in your daily routines.

Every screen printing kit comes with a 2 oz. color of choice. We provide custom mixed color options. All water based colors are also mixable with other water based inks for further customization.

Natural water based fabric paints

All you need is in this kit

the Wooden Screen Printer Kit includes everything needed to get started printing on various surfaces.

After each use, cleaning with water would be enough to reuse with different colors and for different surfaces.

Inside this kit

Essential materials for screen printing onto various surfaces with natural water based inks are inside this kit.

• Single color design

• Wooden squeegee

• 2 oz water based paint

Online Content

Comprehensive and practical follow along tutorials.

• 3D Gif animations

• Inspirational print examples

the Wooden Sound System-package custom

Custom the Wooden Screen Printer

One frame of your design can lead into various prints. By enabling this customization for color and positioning for your design will encourage your audience to appreciate your design in a complete new way.

Great for printing on----

t-Shirts, tote bags, pillow cases, socks, curtains, lighting fixtures, car parts, instruments, wooden panels, leather wallets...
Check out the Pocket Printer
Screen printed corporate garmentsScreen print victoryScreen printed cardsPizza screen printVan life screen print

Let your community show their love through hands on creativity

Screen printing is an amazing tool for hands on creative expression. Not only the experience, but also using the results makes the process even more worthwhile.

With Bitti Gitti's award winning Wooden Screen Printing Kit, your design will create a unique merch concept, snowballing the love for your brand.

Great for love marks

Letting your audience print your designs on their most loved garments is possible with the Wooden Screen Printers.

Environment friendly, sustainable and fun to apply

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screen printing is great

The Process

Here is a brief outline of the whole process for having custom screen printer kits produced and ready to share with your audience.

1. Design File

A single color vector file (.svg) of your design is enough for us to get your custom frames ready to print.

2. Color Selection

Black is the safest bet for a wide range of applications. However if you fancy another color, we provide a wide selection of water based natural fabric paints.

3. Order Amount

Depending on your merch store volume, fanbase and other practical calculations, deciding the number of frames you'd like to order from us is the last step.

4. Template Materials

After your first order we make 3 renders of your design on the wooden screen printer. With the transparent background screen printing kit photos you can create stunning imagery for your website and social media.

5. Spread the love!

You have the kits, you have the basic visuals. Now it's time to let your audience know about the newest habit maker in your store.

Just another amazing reason to keep creating safely from home.

Together we can

create new ways of appreciating your brand or design. Letting people express their love through hands on creativity would be a great addition to your communication channels. If you think we can produce great kits together, please write to us at;