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Functional and timeless

Every Bitti Gitti product is made with cutting edge technology and hand craftsmanship.

Our Flowcraft™ method combines the best of both specialties. This allows us to reach more stores while always evolving quality.

Trusted partnership

We prioritize concentrating on what we're doing best, designing and hand-crafting remarkable products.

When it comes to introducing them to customers, we work with design savvy store owners like you.

the wooden sound system wholesale listing

the Wooden Sound System

Our best-selling German Design Award winning smartphone amplifiers are made from natural birchwood, work with all smartphone models and provide volume boost up to 400% while widening the tonal spectrum of music.

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wooden notebook kit wholesale listing

the Wooden
Notebook Kit

All the essentials to make one of a kind notebooks using the celebrated Coptic stitch. Accessing our exclusive tutorials, thousands of people ages +7 experience the joy of DIY journaling.

Fountain pen friendly, with customization options.

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Custom Wooden Screen Printer Kits

Turning your designs into ready to print wooden screen printing frames has never been this simple.

Our German Design Award 2019 winning unibody birchwood frames are lightweight and sturdy. Squeegees have 92% less plastic making them incredibly eco-friendly.

custom screen print frames wholesale listing
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Handcrafted Kaleidoscopes

What makes Bitti Gitti kaleidoscopes so special is their precision engineering - A single wooden core is laser cut allowing it to curve naturally. No glue use translates to much longer lifespans.

The unibody geometry also provides clearer mirror images to create stunning visuals with a smartphone camera.

wooden kaleidoscope wholesale listing
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the Wooden
Musical Wheel

From practicing scales in all 12 keys, to constructing 7th,9th and 13th chords, this tool is great for both beginner and intermediate level musicians.

musical wheel wholesale listing
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the Wooden Pen Holder

Made out of 2 piece birchwood.

Hand made with FlowCraft™ method.

Great for fountain pens and many other daily pen types.

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Wooden Pen Holder

the Wooden
Pinhole Camera Kit

Pinholes are considered to be the purest form of cameras, allowing for the low cost and  portable analog photography.

Bitti Gitti Pinhole Cameras are handcrafted with skill and engineered with precision - resulting in sharp images that need no mechanical equipment to develop .

wooden pinhole camera wholesale listingComing Soon

Handcrafted with love

Bitti Gitti products are currently available in 3 continents, and our list of partners is growing every day. Making a high quantity of everlasting products using natural materials requires hundreds of tiny decisions to constantly be made.

Thanks to our 8+ years of experience of handcrafting on a daily basis, we guarantee 100% satisfaction on the production quality of every Bitti Gitti product.

Award winning designs

Our sustainable, functional and aesthetic designs also took the attention of some of the best jury members of the design industry.

the wooden sound ststem

the Wooden Sound System

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journal kit wholesale

Feel Good Journal Kit

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the Wooden Musical Wheel

the Wooden Musical Wheel

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B&W Sound System

B&W Marbled Sound Systems

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Notebook Making Kit

Notebook Making Kit

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the wooden kaleidoscope

the Wooden Kaleidoscope

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At Bitti Gitti, we’re always on the lookout for stores that share our values of handcrafted, environmentally friendly and functional design objects ready for a lifetime of use.  

We’re constantly receiving happy feedback from proud store owners that have trusted Bitti Gitti products. Here are a couple of nice words about our products from local business owners.

Our customers love them because they are so durable at the beach.

David - Shop Surf

1126 Soquel Ave Santa Cruz, CA

My customers love them so much, I'm getting one for myself. So fun and useful.

Rebecca - Stash

412 East Main Street Norman, OK

It's the perfect mix of design and tech... a new direction we're exploring for our customers.

Johanna - Soldier58

225 Farnsworth Ave, Bordentown, NJ

The amplifiers are awesome and definitely catching people's attention

Johana - The Moosterous Emporium

223 Main St, Haines, AK

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