Corporate Training Tools

Bitti Gitti creates unique product design solutions for your corporate training tools to elevate your business.

Customized for your needs

Every corporate training is different, so why use the same materials for every workshop? Apart from everyday meeting tools, by introducing training specific materials you can infuse creativity and motivation. By analysing your training programme, Bitti Gitti creates remarkable objects to use during corporate trainings.

From booklets to interactive pages, 3D renderings to handcrafted objects, there is always a Bitti Gitti way of transfering ideas.

Visualization Ready Objects

Bitti Gitt's handcrafted wooden objects comes in raw forms, enabling attendees to visualize detailed information in their desired style. Visualizing KPI's and turning them into remarkable everyday objects is the way to make a legacy.

the Wooden Kaleidoscope
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It takes 15 seconds to print, tens of years to tear
the wooden templates

Layout Generator

The Wooden Templates are great for idea generation. They come with custom engraving and pre cut shapes to fabricate layouts of any size or shape on a notebook or plain paper. This means you can create the layout faster and efficiently.

the Wooden Templates
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It takes 15 seconds to print, tens of years to tear