Corporate Gifts

Corporate gift-giving is an essential part of every business's marketing plan and its importance only keeps increasing.

It can help to establish and enhance key relationships with your customers, vendors and your employees.

Custom the Wooden Sound Systems

German Design Award winning the Wooden Sound Systems require no extra energy source and increase volume by 25 dBs.

You can customize the color and the design on the back.
Screen printing for colorful designs and laser engraving for natural looking embossings, both provide the best looking, durable and natural solutions.

Custom corporate gifts - The wooden sound system

Hands on creativity

Laser engraved your design and varnished with pre drilled spines and waxed thread, the Wooden Notebook Kit can truly unique for your merch store.

It comes with your choice of colored thread and journaling tips booklet.

Custom corporate gifts notebook making

Become Remarkable

Bitti Gitti focuses on usability, sustainability and form leading to easy to grasp, hard not to fall in love objects. Making them handmade with the customization additions creates an unforgettable experience whoever receives it.

Competition for being reminded is always growing, thanks to the benefits of being natural and personalized Bitti Gitti product selections are great to start sending gifts today.

Purple cow - remarkable gifts
Custom corporate gifts sustainable results

Keep motivations high

When we receive a gift, no matter what it is, it makes us excited and motivated. For a short burst of time.

As corporate gifting has financial and ethical constraints, many will come in forms of bonuses, mass produced products or coupons.

By providing handcrafted and functional design objects, you can make everlasting impressions to your loved ones.

Whether it be the Sound System, Notebook Kit or a Screen Printer, all will have a unique place in their home and offices.

Consistent, yet unique.

Consistency is the king when it comes to hand-crafted objects. Nobody wants to see unexpected forms when a group of people receiving the gifts together.

By making them 3D modelled, using the latest CNC carving and Bitti Gitti's special carving bit sets, every object produced has the best performing dimensions while having a uniqueness due to the natural wooden body, texture as well as wood burning, coloring or varnishing differences.

Custom corporate gifts kaleidoscope and pen holder
Custom corporate gifts unique results

It's great to be unique in a group.

Appreciating the uniqueness while being consistent is a huge effect on personal motivation and feeling secure. This can be achieved with Bitti Gitti's hands on creative gift making or personalized productions.

Having your favorite thing on the same product makes it special yet a part of the whole.

the Wooden Screen Printing Kit is a great way to provide the same design and let people print it on their desired garments with variety of colors, placements and patterns.

Key Account Management

Every key account is different, so why are their gifts would be the same?

Even with a tiny bit of change in the production is a giant step towards growing your relationships.

key account management products gifts
Key Account Management

Remarkable Gifts

Team building activities should be both fun and productive. Notebook making Bitti Gitti style is in the center of both.

Insider integrated notebook making workshop to their monthly get together events not just to learn making notebooks but to keep making them for specific scenarios. Sharing techniques and styles as experiences grow.

the SportSheets Store / New Year Gifts
Board Member's new year gift

Custom Sound Systems for the board members

Garanti BBVA introduced notebook making workshops for their summer internship graduates. Pairing them with elementary school kids, letting them express their vision and good wishes through handcrafted notebooks.

It's a triple win situation where everybody is gaining a new perspective and have a strong memory of the period spent together.

Sabanci Holding / Board Member Gifts
Corporate Education Integrations

Greeting Pack

Evaluating complex systems becomes much more clearer when various perspectives introduced.

Gilead Sciences integrated notebook making workshops  with coaching workshops to create a remarkable learning experience.

From designing mental hooks to creative writing techniques there are many supplementary activities involved in notebook making workshop aimed for personal growth

Gilead Sciences / Coaching Workshop '19
other great reasons to partner with us
Corporate gifts

Merch Store Related Products

Unique wooden products and DIY kits with your branding. Ready to add your merch store for your business.

Great for love mark brands, music bands and sports clubs.

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Custom corporate eco friendly products

Custom Product Designs

Custom designed and handcrafted products ready to use in workshop activities or as a gift. Bitti Gitti utilizes cutting edge wood machining tools and traditional woodcrafting methods to make remarkable and unique products each time.

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corporate notebook workshops

Corporate Workshops

Both online and offline group activity, there are many ways to incorporate hands on creativity with your projects and internal workshops.

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Let's make it happen

All of the Bitti Gitti products listed above are customizable with color and laser engraving alternatives.

If you'd love to present fresh and timeless products to your employees and key accounts, please fill out the form to get a quote.

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