the Wooden Notebook Making Kit

Eco-friendly materials and world class tutorials in a simple yet empowering DIY crafts kit.
make your own notebook
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All Natural

functional design

Functional Design

customizable notebooks

Lifetime Skill

Timeless Handmade Notebooks

Bookbinding is an amazing skill to have. With Bitti Gitti's Wooden Notebook Kit, it takes about 15 minutes to successfully complete a notebook with the pre-eminent Coptic method.

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Consistently Coptic

With learning the respected Coptic binding method, making notebooks with any number of spreads easily and affordably is possible.

The main practical advantage of this is that every page folds open flat and provides the perfect writing experience consistently on every page.

What's included?

All the essentials, plus more
rounded edge papers

Pre-punched spines

Every spine is ready to stitch.

easy access

Stitching Materials

Natural waxed binding thread for better surface tension, together with a jumbo size needle

easy access

Follow Along Tutorials

Lifetime access to our proprietary tutorials, preferred by brands like Microsoft and Google

notebook covers

Wooden Notebook Covers

Laser cut first rate wood is sanded for super smooth surfaces that look good plain or painted.

With step by step 3D visualizations and a realtime full length coptic book binding video tutorial access.

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the Wooden Notebook Making Kit

Combining carefully selected materials with one of the worlds most popular notebook making methods for an unforgettable experience.

6,9 in x 3,9 in x 1,8 in
Shipping Dates
4-12 days
Bundle Selection
7 Notebooks in One

It may not seem obvious at first sight, but nowadays notebooks are one of the most eco-friendly products in our daily lives. Of course, you have to take a number of things into account to put this idea into good practice.

For us, sustainability is one of our most important aspects in designing DIY kits. The Wooden Notebook Kit is certified with industry standards such as FSC® and PEFC™.

Fountain Pen Friendly & Sustainable

Now is the time of DIY kits

More and more people of all ages are deciding to stimulate their creative sides and get really into crafting.

With this kit, in a matter of minutes a brand-new productive habit will start to take place.

In the Kit

Prime quality materials are provided for making one coptic book binded notebook.

• 2 Wooden Covers

• 25 Rounded Cornered High Quality papers
• Needle and Waxed Thread

Online Content

Comprehensive and practical follow along tutorials.

• 3D Gif animations
• Real time video of the whole process with voice over explanations
the Wooden Sound System-package custom

Great for custom covers

Birch wood notebook covers have rounded cornered edges and sanded up to silk smooth to touch. It's ready to customize with almost any type of paint, pen or even pyrography tool.


17,5 cm x 10 cm x 4,8 cm
6,9 in x 3,9 in x 1,8 in
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With the transparent background plain notebooks you can make your custom imagery. Detailed tutorial page available on the vendor section with the downloadable files as well as corporate sales tips .

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Making notebooks with these kits is like yoga for my brain!
- Ruben Sanchez, award winning street artist