the Wooden Sound System Black Edition

the Wooden Sound System

Is a German Design Award winning smartphone speaker, handcrafted from prime quality birchwood.

Requires no batteries or power source, and the universal design fits all smartphone models to provide the best listening experience.
All Natural Birchwood
All Natural
Water Resistant
Highly Durable
Universal Dock
Universal Dock
Get a quote for the wooden sound systemLaser engraved custom wooden design objectsCustom Color the Wooden Sound SystemsCustom color marbling with the wooden sound systems

the Wooden Sound Systems are perfectly available for customization.

From laser engraving to custom color and marbling options there are many ways to claim yours.

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the wooden sound system side view

Suitable for all smartphones

Thanks to the Wooden Sound System's universal pocket design, you can keep enjoying even when you upgrade your smartphone.

*Also a great gift for the loved ones even if you're not sure about their smartphone model.
the wooden sound system sustainable packaging

Comes with a screen printed bag

the Wooden Sound System is highly durable and portable.

To accompany its variety of use cases we've turned the outer rings of the birch wood plates into a screen printing screens.

With the water based natural fabric paint, hand pulled screen printed on every bag with the accompanying color of the Wooden Sound System.
see how the bags are made

Packaging Process

Wooden screen print canvases made from the leftover outer rings of the Wooden Sound Systems, to utilize every inch of the prime quality birch wood and make our production processes even more sustainable.

We only use water based natural fabric paint, and wooden frames to screen print.

Screen printing with the same color as the Wooden Sound Systems inner circle, making the carrying bags one of a kind.
the Wooden Sound System-screen print framethe Wooden Sound System-screen print frame - makingthe Wooden Sound System-packaging

Engineering meets Design

At first glance, it’s simple and friendly design meets the eye. 7 layers of precisely cut rings provide amplification.

Vibrations travel from the smartphone's speaker into a specially engineered channel and out through the layers for room filling sound.
the wooden sound system inner channelthe wooden sound system front panel
passive amplifier volume boost graph

Wider Tonal Range

The unique mechanical and acoustical properties of wood delivers a warmer tone, smoother highs, and more prominent bass.

passive amplifier graph

25dB increase

With an amplification of 25dB, resulting volume is almost identical to ordinary bluetooth portable speakers.

Color Alternatives

the wooden sound system color alternatives
the Wooden Sound Systems come in 4 unique solid color alternatives.
6,9 in x 3,9 in x 1,8 in


Shipping Dates

7-12 days

Color Variations

4 Color alternatives available
the wooden sound system black edition
the Wooden Sound System
the wooden sound system swirl editionlaser engraved wooden speakerCustom corporate gifts - The wooden sound systemswirled wooden sound system with a smartphone in it

the Wooden Sound Systems also have marble editions.

Another great way to customize your TWS with multiple colors.

Check out the Marbles
the wooden sound system with a guitar
Every the Wooden Sound System is hand made with FlowCraft ™ method.
Razor Black The Wooden Sound System

Best selling the Razor Black edition

Among many colorful alternatives,
the Razor Black edition has the lead.

Up to 4x boost in the perceived loudness

Thanks to inner channel system and 7 layers of birch wood, the Wooden Sound System increases volume by 25 dB without needing any external power source.

*iPhone 6s used in the test footage. Directly recorded from Fujifilm XT-10's built in mic in outdoors.

More detailed performance comparison footage available here.

the Wooden Sound System Store Locator










South Dakota



North Carolina











New York






The Moosterious Emporium 55 Haines Hwy, Haines


B Brothers 20 Goff St, Daleville


Kathy's collection 14202 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale


The Can Do Hardware Co. 303 3rd Avenue Southwest, Gravette
Colby Feagin. 1631 E Beebe Capps Expressway, Searcy


The Library Store 630 W. 5th Street, Los Angeles
Arrow and Bear Co. 18604 Ellis Drive, Banning
Reach and Teach Books, Toys, and Gifts 144 West 25th Avenue, San Mateo
FUN by Brooke Rodd 1740 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica
The Grapeseed Company, 4193 Carpinteria Avenue, Carpinteria
Petite Galleria, 711 Prospect Row, San Mateo
Shop Surf, 1126 soquel ave., Santa cruz
Sand N Surf, 131 Broadway, Santa Monica
The Library Store, 630 W. 5th Street, Los Angeles


STUDIO FIFTY FIVE 2640 Cactus Circle, Golden


Royal Palm Society 2234 10th Avenue, Vero Beach




Modern Cooperative Hyde Park 1500 East 53rd Street, Chicago
DMH Salon and Boutique 1051 Wabash Av, Springfield


Happy Camper 411 N jefferson st, Huntington
Homespun: Modern Handmade 869 Massachusetts Avenue, Indianapolis


Hickey Heaven 704 Oak St, Scott City


Bricolage Art Collective 107 Market House Square , Paducah


MacRae's Sustainable Goods,
108 Washington St, Marblehead, MA 01945
Kind Goods,41 Farragut ave, Somerville


Billie's Floral And Boutique, 111 Main Street, East Jordan
Periwinkle’s LLC, 7199 Thornapple River Drive Southeast, Ada


Rock Paper Scissors Goods 4806 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis
The Lake + Co. Shop, 403 NW 1ST AVE, GRAND RAPIDS

North Carolina

Meraki Interiors 35 N Main St, Belmont
Arrow Tree Boutique 415 Brooks St,
Wake Forest

New Jersey

Soldier58,225 Farnsworth Avenue, Bordentown
STORY 144 10th Avenue 19th Street, Chelsea

New York

Urban Vintage 294 Grand Avenue, Brooklyn
STORY 144 10th Avenue 19th Street, Chelsea
All Original Handcrafts, 212 High View Road, Dover Plains
Porch, 153 E. Main Street, Mt. Kisco
Magazine Cafe, 15 West 37th Street, New York


The Rookwood Pottery Company 1920 Race Street, Cincinnati


STASH, 412 East Main Street, Norman


Like Nobody's Business 904 NW 23rd Ave., Portland
The Department Store 1918 21st Ave, Forest Grove


Black Bear Leather 342 N Queen Street, Lanchaster
Sanctuary Blu, 6331 Fairfield Dr, Flourtown
Second Chapter Books, 139 East Main Street, Ligonier
Workshop PGH DIY School, 5135 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh
Allegheny Outfitters Outdoors Store, 20 Clark Street, Warren

South Dakota

Pure Fox 605 Main St, Rapid City


AndVinyl 139A Franklin Street, Clarksville
City & State, 2625 Broad Ave, Memphis


All Good Things 336 West Davis Street, Dallas


Tallulah Gallery 1354 South 1100 East, Salt Lake City


Twinkle and Twine Design 1516 Market Street, La Crosse
EcoDoor LLC 9331 Spring Road, Fish Creek

Yukon Territory / CA

Bella Home Decor 2nd Avenue, Whitehorse. CANADA


The Department Store 1918 21st Ave, Forest Grove


At Bitti Gitti, we’re always on the lookout for stores that share our values of handcrafted, environmentally friendly and functional design objects with affordable prices ready for a lifetime of use.  

We’re constantly updating our displays and packaging based on feedback we receive from the field. Here are a couple of nice words about our products from local business owners.

the Wooden Sound System - California the Wooden Sound System - LA the Wooden Sound System - Frankfurt the Wooden Sound System - CA

“This is quality made but deserves more accolades! This is a needed item by many in the hearing loss category. Its that extra boost for a phone call from family or friends. Don't just look at this as a way to blast more music. It is hearing a book or visiting a friend or loved one. This is an easy product to sell if you think about all the benefits. ”

Yesterday Today & Tomorrow

24196 Front St Grand Rapids, Ohio, USA

Our customers love them because they are so durable at the beach.

David - Shop Surf

1126 Soquel Ave Santa Cruz, CA

My customers love them so much, I'm getting one for myself. So fun and useful.

Rebecca - Stash

412 East Main Street Norman, OK

It's the perfect mix of design and tech... a new direction we're exploring for our customers.

Johanna - Soldier58

225 Farnsworth Ave, Bordentown, NJ

The amplifiers are awesome and definitely catching people's attention

Johana - The Moosterous Emporium

223 Main St, Haines, AK

sustainable packaging
the wooden sound system
portable wooden speaker
the wooden sound system with surf
sustainable packaging
new sound system

Let's work together

We prioritize concentrating on what we're doing best, designing and hand-crafting products.

When it comes to introducing them to customers at a physical location we rely on hand picked boutique and leaders in their area stores.

Do you have any current promotions?

Yes, we have a special Elevate offer from our U.S distributor Faire
They've given us an Elite membership which allows us to invite a selected number of stores to create a free account and get a 200$ off on their first order on Bitti Gitti through Faire. 
If you're interested in ordering through Faire, just click on the link to our store here.

Shipping on your first order takes 7 - 20 days. After your first purchase, you will earn a recurring order badge which will guarantee 7 day production after your order.

We hate hearing from store owners that they needed to turn back excited customers because their favourite color was sold out. Since each Wooden Sound System is hand made with love and precision, we have a limited capacity of production.
Thank you for your understanding.

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3816 Kennett Pike, Wilmington, DE 19807, USA

If your store has a dedication for a certain color or a letter form, we're happy to hear about it. Since we're hand-crafting each Wooden Sound System by hand, we'd be glad to make a store unique collaboration editions.

Please fill out the form above to tell more about your store. Or write to us directly

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The Wooden Sound System is available for wholesale all around the world. As a global design studio, we present a variety of options to make the process as easy and fun as possible for you.

If you'd love to present the Wooden Sound System to your customers, please to fill out the form to get a personal assistant on how to make a great start with Bitti Gitti products.

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Freakin Amazing Questions

If there is anything hasn't been mentioned above or below please reach to us. We would be happy to answer your questions, as well as improve our existing page for a smoother experience for fellow shop owners.

Do you provide any visual materials?

With your first order, you'll gain access to our Partner's Area where you can download both transparent background and real life photography of the Wooden Sound Systems for every color.

In addition to the 3D renders, white background, transparent background and real life photography we also include some vector based colorful shapes for you to create your own visuals for social media.

In Partners Area there are also useful tips on boosting SEO for your new selection of products.

What is the re-order minimum amount?

Although we appreciate the increasing amount of re-orders, we gladly offer zero minimum re-order limits. We know the feeling of needing just one more color addition to your selection. Bundles of the same colors is another great way of getting a discounted price without any sacrifices on your stock.

Does shipping dates vary?

Every Wooden Sound System is hand-made. Unexpected weather conditions or the supply of birch wood might affect the production times by 2 - 4 days. You will be always reminded of any changes before the confirmation of your purchase. We always prioritize the highest quality over higher numbers. Making each new Wooden Sound System the best one so far, is one of our secret sauces.

What are the payment alternatives?

We accept wire transfer via Routing Number or SWIFT code, and PayPal.
For any other options please write to us and we'll do our best to comply with your terms.

In addition to directly buying from us, you can open a Faire account and use 200$ off on your first order. Or you can use your existing Faire account for net 60 terms and free returns.
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