the Wooden Sound System

Bitti Gitti proudly presents 2018 German Design Award winner, handcrafted the Wooden Sound System is compatible with all smartphones and provides up to %400 increase in perceived sound.
Wooden speakerAhşap HoparlörBitti Gitti Ahşap HoparlörAhşap Hoparlör

Engineering Meets Design

At first glance, it’s simple and friendly design meets the eye. 7 layers of precisely cut rings provide amplification.

Vibrations travel from the smartphone's speaker into a specially engineered channel and out through the layers for room filling sound.

Wider Tonal Range

The unique mechanical and acoustical properties of wood delivers a warmer tone, smoother highs, and more prominent bass.

25dB increase

Tested with 1 kHz sine waves on the iPhone 7, an amplification of 25 decivels is observed, which is an increase of 500% compared to phone speaker volume.

CA, USA 2016

How it all began?

2 years ago industrial engineer and designer Erbil Sivaslıoğlu moved to California to establish his design workshop, working with brands like Google, Airbnb and Mercedes.

A guitar player and music lover, he bought a few smartphone speakers to use at his house and at the beach. Yet, no speaker gave the smooth experience he expected. Sometimes the bluetooth connection would lag, sometimes the bass tones would come out too fuzzy, sometimes even the smallest shock or water exposure would break and lead to expensive repair bills.

Tired of complicating his life with more digital machinery, he set out to use the natural principles of physics to create a sustainable, simple and dependable smartphone speaker in his workshop.

After tens of prototypes, thousands of units sold with just word of mouth and one of the worlds most prestigious design awards, he’s proud to present to you his invention.


The Wooden Sound System was initially designed and hand-crafted at Erbil’s workshop in California.

As word of mouth spread and demand increased, Bitti Gitti opened a production facility in a city close to Europe, where high quality natural materials are affordable and traditions of top quality hand-craftsmanship have been around for more than a thousand years: Istanbul.

Every step of the process involves skilled workmanship to improve upon carefully selected materials.

Material Selection

Hand picked prime cut birchwood for high sound quality is sourced from
local suppliers.

CNC Carving

The wooden panels are carved with a CNC machine according to specs, ensuring the same precision quality for each sound system.

Sanding #1

Each layer is softened with hand sanding for maximum absorption.

Application of glue

Wood glue is applied to create a unified body and airtight sound channel.

Sanding #2

The front, back and edges are sanded gradually up to 1200 grit for a smooth surface.


Paint is applied to the 7 layered rings and left to dry.


Varnish is applied for richer colour, UV protection and increased durability.

Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil is applied by hand for a smoother, natural waterproof finish.
"The Wooden Sound System amplifies music from your smartphone without requiring a power source.
The stable, compact speaker has a clean, contemporary and simple design that is gratifyingly sustainable as well, thanks to the use of birch wood."

German Design Award 2018 Jury Statement

the Wooden Sound System-package custom

Packaging and Certificate

Every Wooden Sound System comes with a screen printed cloth case with the German Design Award 2018 sticker and an authenticity certificate signed by the designer Erbil Sivaslıoğlu.

Additional A5 sized foam board 2018 German Design Award Winner label can be provided upon request.


17,5 cm x 10 cm x 4,8 cm


500 gr
the Wooden Sound System-screen print framethe Wooden Sound System-screen print frame - makingthe Wooden Sound System-packaging

Packaging Process

the wooden screen print canvases made from the outer rings of the Wooden Sound Systems.

Screen printing with the same color as the Wooden Sound Systems, and stitching with the corresponding colored threads.

Making the carrying bags one of a kind.

Timeless Design
with Color Alternatives

Each Wooden Sound System is hand painted,
with 7 different color options for every mood.

the Original

Kink Pink

Salt Turquoise

Yolk Yellow

BizViz Blue

Coaster Purple

Razor Black

The Wooden Sound System, Yosemite California

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The Wooden Sound System is available for wholesale for unique stores from all around the World. Bitti Gitti works with leader brands in their sector for corporate events, custom productions. Leaving retail sales to their best; design oriented shops.

If you're one of the amazing store owner/responsible and love to present the Wooden Sound System to your customers feel free to reach to us for a quote.

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