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If you're in Lakewood and looking for an awe-inspiring design experience Mishi Lifestyle is one of the first stores to look for.
Mishi Lifestyle
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Mishi Lifestyle

From the moment you walk in, the wonderfully painted black & white walls and the elegant selection of textiles, wooden handcrafts and home goods lifts your mood. The air smells amazing - thanks to the many fragrances and candles that are featured.

Their selection of goods is pure elegance, with curated designs for every aspect of life. They are constantly improving their selection - and offering fun surprises like meeting their resident dog Banjo!

As Bitti Gitti, we're honored to be partnering with Mishi Lifestyle and hope you'll enjoy their collection as well.

Unique design objects

How did you start the Mishi Lifestyle?

Mishi was inspired by my years of travel through my work. When the pandemic hit the nation and that job ceased to exist, I knew it was time to boldly make my dreams a reality. I curated pieces that would appeal to the senses, as Mishi is very much a sensory experience.

Can you tell us a memorable story from a customer of yours using the Wooden Sound System?

The Wooden Sound System (aka Bitti Gitti) has been a product that simply sells itself. We have delighted in seeing the faces of a person trying one out for the first time, they are always pleasantly surprised to see this small product be so mighty. Customers comment on the practicality, and the unique style and design. They also love that it's waterproof!

Online shopping or physical store visit? Which one is your suggestion?

Our online store is fabulous and we love to pack up orders for people all over the world, but there is always something to say about an in-store experience. The store has a way of leading you through on somewhat of a journey. Something we very much missed for ourselves during the pandemic when it was closed.

If you could open another store in any city in the world(w/o any limitations), which city it would be and why?

If we could choose any city, I believe it would be San Francisco, or Palm Springs. We enjoy the ideas of these beautiful cities, highlighted by unique storefronts, and a bustling community.

What are some trends you’re seeing that could help you thrive as an independent?

I think one trend that we’ve truly been enjoying would be workshops. Bringing people together to create and inspire has proven to not only be profitable, but met with rave reviews from our attendees. It has people returning to our social media pages, excited to see what is coming next!

How did you discover Bitti Gitti?

One look at the Bitti Gitti Faire page was all it took to place an order, it proved to be a perfect fit for the store!

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