Hands get Dirty,
Mind gets Clean.

Elevating your business and people through hands on creativity, print making and building stuff.

German Design Award 2018 Nominee Wooden Sound System

Wooden Sound System

Is a handcrafted smartphone amplifier made from prime quality birchwood. It increases sound volume by an average of 25 dB’s and widens tonal range.

Design combined with engineering has led to a breakthrough product that is a fully customizable, handcrafted and perfect for use in the office and during business trips.

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Hand Crafted Office stationery

Productivity boosting design objects from Bitti Gitti are ready to customize together with your team without leaving your workplace.

Notebook Holder

Hand crafted wooden notebook holders for taking and viewing notes comfortably on any surface. Fully customizable with screen printing and various varnish options.

Great for teams who are looking for natural ways to boost efficiency at work.

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Screen Printing Kits

Hand crafted screen printing kits allow just in time production for natural pigment based prints on various surfaces like wood, textile and paper. People from all ages can easily learn and create everlasting artworks in about 10 seconds. With more than 5 years live screen printing experience, Bitti Gitti Screen Printing Kits are great for many occasions.

Business Card Printer

Wooden Screen Printing frames have great portability and performance. You can print on various surfaces from fabric to all types of papers to sanded plywoods. 

Send your design and get your ready to print Business Card Printer with a color of your choice.

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Wooden Notebooks

Hand crafted wooden coptic stitch binding notebooks are great way to enjoy note taking and learning how to make yours.

Every notebook comes with an online step by step how to .gif's and rounded cornered papers. From customizable covers to ready to use ones there are plenty of variations to choose from.

Notebook Collection

Widen your horizon

Hands on creative processes elevating your understanding and expression of daily tasks as well as long term strategy

Corporate Value Designs

Screen printing as a team is a great way to embrace corporate values. With Bitti Gitti design consultancy and ready to print screens you can create ever lasting custom design t-shirts and tote bags in a short time.

Custom Design Options

Screen Printing of
the new Logo

Celebrating the new logo of AirBnb with a colorful screen prints as desired. Group of super hosts and journalists invited for a series of merchandise printing.

Wooden Shaving Kits

Starting the day with a hand crafted wooden shaving kit is another way to celebrate craft and naturally friendly objects in our everyday life. With it's easy to assemble wooden stand customization is fun and carrying with you for your travels is an ease.

Shaving Kit Collection

the Greatest gift
is the one you make

Ready to customize design objects from Bitti Gitti are the best way to create memorable and useful gifts.

Keep on learning on the go

With our online Bitti Gitti Academy, you can deep dive on customization techniques from coptic stitching to wood burning and lettering.

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