the Wooden
Musical Wheel

From practicing scales in all 12 keys, to constructing 7th,9th and 13th chords, this tool is great for both beginner and intermediate level musicians.

the Wooden Musical Wheel

Practice in all 12 Keys

With the Wooden Musical Wheel you can drive through any scale just by turning and aligning I with your desired note.

All the diatonic notes within that scale automatically appears with their scale degrees mentioned under them.

See it in action
the wooden musical object
the wooden musical toy
the wooden musical wheel

All in one box

the Wooden Musical Wheel is made of prime quality birch wood, carved to precision and sanded and assembled with the Flow Craft™ method.

There is a supplementary booklet which briefly explains the main concepts to get the most out of the Wooden Musical Wheel for musicians and composers.

*the Wooden Musical Wheel is great for practicing on any note based instruments from piano, guitar, harmonica to violin.

the music theory wheel

Size and Weight


1.4 inches (3.6 cm)


10.2 inches (26 cm)


7.8 inches (20 cm)


11.28 ounces (320 grams)

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