the Wooden Pen Holder

Sustainable and elegant way of keeping your favorite pen ready to use.

fountain pen friendlyWooden Pen Holder

Inspired from ball knots

The inspiration for this design comes from the elegant and sturdy patterns of vines and ropes.

Interlocking of two birchwood pieces makes one sustainable pen holder.

the wooden pen holder

2 Pieces become 1

No glues, no nails, just a perfect fit birchwood pieces.

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Fountain Pens' Best Friend

Horizontal placement improves ink flow and prevents drips or clogging.

sustainable pen holder
Pen Holder Dimensions

Size and Weight


3.1 inches (7.8 cm)


1.6 inches (4 cm)


1.9 inches (4.8 cm)


0.44 lb (200 gr)

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the Wooden Pen Holder designed with many physical limitations and various shaped pens in mind.

Pen can be grabbed from various angles and holding postures.

Ease of use and being quad directional makes the Wooden Pen Holder a perfect gift for beloved ones from all ages.

Hyper Functional

Great for many reasons

More and more people of all ages are deciding to stimulate their creative sides and get really into crafting.

the Wooden Pen Holder can be a go to product for many people.

Minimalist Approach

Sustainable and lean pen holder

• Get more done with one pen
• Takes limited space
• Lifetime usability

Accessibility Features

Many ways to grab and use a pen

• Multiple grabbing options
• Works with various size pen and brushes.
the wooden pen holder

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