the Wooden Kaleidoscope

In 1816, Dr. David Brewster from Scotland was the first to arrange mirrors and objects in a tube and call it a kaleidoscope. 

Not just a toy, the device also was intended for use by designers and artists, who might be inspired by the beautiful patterns they could create.

the wooden kaleidoscope

Unique Patterns Each Time

Traditionally kaleidoscopes have colorful materials inside for creating patterns.

We believe the world around us is already a great source for generating patterns and visual festivals. 

That’s why we’ve created a unibody, wooden kaleidoscope free from any inside fixed materials. 

Everyday life usage

By sanding up to 1500 grit, the Wooden Kaleidoscope has a silky-smooth touch that brings harmony to your desk.
With the weights of its mirrors, it can securely hold your most loved pen always nearby.

Sustainable Packaging

From creating remarkable images to adding a mindful boost to your day, there are many use-cases.
Hoping you enjoy your Wooden Kaleidoscope as much as we love making it. 

the wooden kaleidoscope gift
wooden kaleidoscope

with customization alternatives

Laser engrave your desired text.
TAX and Shipping included for a limited time.

Size and Weight


4.09 inches (104 mm)


1.58 inches (40 mm)


1.58 inches (40 mm)


11.28 ounces (320 grams)

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world wide shipping
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Available as Standard or Express delivery
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