If you're in Manzanita and looking for sustainable design objects Unfurl is one of the first stores to look for. Their fully committed approach to their business is inspiring.
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We were amazed when they shot an incredible video for the Wooden Sound System, just days after they placed their first order. Our followers thought that we had hired an ad agency to shoot a commercial - the cinematography was that good!

Next we were surprised by their online auctions - where they did 2 hour long engaging presentations of their products - showcasing their features & interviewing their makers.

One of their reviews describes them as “Manzanita’s nicest couple”.

We can say that they are not only incredibly fun to talk to – but uncompromising about the customer experience.

As Bitti Gitti, we're honored to be partnering with Unfurl and hope you'll enjoy their collection as well.

Unique design objects

How did you start Unfurl?

Before Unfurl, Judson and I owned a natural food grocery store in town for almost 10 years. We decided to start carrying hemp and organically grown clothing. It did so well we ran with the idea and opened our eco-boutique, Unfurl, in 2004.

Can you tell us a memorable story from a customer of yours using the Wooden Sound System?

The best Bitti Gitti story is the woman who got it for her elderly dad so he can hear her better when she calls him on the phone.

Online shopping or physical store visit? Which one is your suggestion?

Definitely physical store visit! Our friendly staff and the smell of the salt air are all part of the Unfurl experience. Not to mention we get new arrivals daily and they sell out faster than we can ever list them on the website.

How do you decide which products to sell in your store?

We stock our store with a unique mix of products you'll never find all under one roof anywhere else! From Bitti Gitti, to cashmere sweaters, to waterproof jackets made out of recycled oyster shells! We have an eye for cool products that less impact on the planet.

If you could open another store in any city in the world(w/o any limitations), which city it would be and why?

If we could open an Unfurl 2 anywhere on the planet we would choose Iceland or Big Island Hawaii. We love islands with active volcanoes!

How did you discover Bitti Gitti?

We discovered Bitti Gitti back during the pandemic when our business was forced to close. We were on the hunt for unusual, handcrafted items that would make our customers smile during a hard time. They sell to young and old alike to this day!

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