Best of Green Awards 2021

Eco Decor awards by Treehugger Editors Fact checked by Haley Mast

We’re proud to have the Wooden Sound System selected as a winner of the Treehugger Best of Green Awards for Eco Decor in the “Best Lighting & Gadgets” category.

Treehugger is one of the planet's largest sustainability websites, with a monthly readership of 2,5 million. Their mission with the Best of Green Awards is to put a spotlight on the increasing array of ways to furnish and decorate in a manner that doesn't harm the planet.

Meet the Panel

Treehugger Eco Awards PanelEco Decor Awards Jury

the Jury Statement

Why We Chose It: The fact that this attractive little speaker doesn't require any power to operate is just so cool and unusual!

It stands out in a world of plastic-swathed speakers with their lengthy cords or endless parade of disposable batteries—a testament to clever design, ingenuity, and thinking outside (or is it inside?) the box.

The following criteria were considered for winning products:

• They are well-made and durable.

• They are made with eco-friendly, non-toxic materials.

• They are made in a way that parts can be separated for recycling; can be upcycled; can be returned to the manufacturer at the end of their useful life.

• They are made using fair labor.

• Their manufacture is non-polluting and resource-efficient.

• They are packaged and shipped conscientiously.

• They are from a company that has stated climate and/or sustainability goals.

treehugger eco design award the wooden sound system

“Aim For Zero Waste” is one of Bitti Gitti’s most cherished values, and we completely agree that the above criteria are awesome guidelines when buying something new.

(To see our full values, we invite you to our Behind the Scenes page)

Up to 4x boost in the perceived loudness

Thanks to inner channel system and 7 layers of birch wood, the Wooden Sound System increases volume by 25 dB without needing any external power source.

*More detailed comparison footage available here.