the Wooden Screen Printer won the German Design Award 2019

We're honoured to receive our second German Design Award in a row. This time in stationery category with a special mention award.

We hand pick every birchwood plate we work with. After carving out the Wooden Sound System parts we're left with about 4 cm thick round frames. Since we're avid screen printers, suddenly an idea struck to our founder & designer Erbil Sivaslıoğlu's mind; turning the left-over birchwood pieces into a unibody screen printing frames.

The end result was surprisingly powerful, portable and sustainable to produce.

To push the sustainability concerns even further, we introduced a credit card sized squeegee with a wooden handle. The improved squeegees use 92% less plastic while providing the same durability and efficiency while printing.

Here are a couple of photos and the jury quote from the German Design Award ceremony.

If you're into screen printing and would like to introduce the technique to your colleagues or customers now you know where to start!

Winner of the Stationery Category of 2019

The Wooden Screen Printer is a high-quality printmaking device, made from a single piece of prime birchwood and a silkscreen. It requires no batteries or power source, yet it provides long-lasting prints in any environment. Its improved squeegee contains 92% less plastic than traditional models while being lighter and easier to clean.

From corporate employees printing company t-shirts and business cards to children in kindergartens printing creative artworks, the Wooden Screen Printer has a wide range of applications.

It takes 15 seconds to print, tens of years to tear

the Award Ceremony and Exhibition

The award ceremony of the German Design Award 2019 took place on 08 February 2019 in the context of the world’s leading consumer goods fair, Ambiente in Frankfurt am Main.

The Wooden Screen Printer was displayed as part of the winner’s exhibition, featured to 4,460 exhibitors from 92 countries.

It takes 15 seconds to print, tens of years to tear

the Jury

The German Design Council is known as Germany’s leading authority on design and brands. Every year, a jury of top-rated design specialists come together for 2 days to decide on products on projects worthy of this exclusive prize.

Once again in 2019, 46 jury members from 11 countries reviewed thousands of submissions, focusing on innovation, functionality, distinctive aesthetics and alignment with user needs.

the Wooden Screen Printer from Bitti Gitti succeeded in every respect, and so was named Special Winner in the “Stationery” category of the German Design Award 2019.

+2.500 Participant
+18 Hours
It takes 15 seconds to print, tens of years to tear

The tool, which is both original and of the highest quality, stimulates creativity and creates a unique aesthetic that looks very personal thanks to the skilful printing technique

German Design Award 2019 Jury Statement