Coptic Stitch Notebook Making

Binding your own notebook with the Coptic stitch is actually incredibly simple and satisfying.

We call this; Yoga for the Mind.

By utilizing our hands and mind to enter a flow state, and 10-15 minutes later we have a handcrafted notebook ready to use for thousands of ideas!

If you want to jumpstart your notebook making journey, this page is dedicated for you.

Punching holes on the spine

Before beginning to stitch our notebook, we can start with punching holes on the spines.

Let's begin
wooden notebook

In depth look for the stitching process

With step by step animations and text explanations you can always refer to the specific points during the stitching process.

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Start hand crafting your own notebooks TODAY

the Wooden Notebook Kit comes with follow along animations for coptic binding, and all the materials you need with a silk smooth birch wood covers.