Midtown Surf Shop

Midtown Surf Shop and Coffee Bar is one of the first stores to look for. Santa Cruz is known for its laid-back, surfing-centric culture
Midtown Surf Shop
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Midtown Surf Shop

If you're in Santa Cruz and looking for a shop that lives and breathes the ethos of surf culture, Midtown Surf Shop and Coffee Bar is one of the first stores to look for.Santa Cruz is known for its laid-back, surfing-centric culture, and Midtown is no exception. The first thing that catches your eye is the kaleidoscopic mural covering the whole outer exterior, painted by local surfer and artist Jeremiah Kille.

Once inside, you can check out the wide selection of surfboards, wetsuits, and other essential gear. Or enjoy a cup of coffee before hitting the waves.

As Bitti Gitti, we're honored to be partnering with Midtown Surf Shop and Coffee Bar and hope you'll enjoy their collection as well.

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How did you start Midtown Surf Shop?

I actually first started Midtown Surf Shop as an online store under a different name and the physical retail store grew out of that in a really strange and organic way. I had been looking for a warehouse for the online business and I happened upon this great building that was permitted for warehouse or retail. I thought, "What if instead of it just being a warehouse, we opened up the doors and let people shop?". Once people started visiting, it took on a life of its own.

Inspired by the local community, we quickly developed the space far beyond a traditional retail store by installing a coffee bar, which soon blossomed into a whole cafe, we built an in-store surfboard shaping room where customers can shape their own surfboard, and we created other fun, interactive experiences. While we still have a good online business, there is nothing like seeing people smile in real time!

Can you tell us a memorable story from a customer of yours using the Wooden Sound System?

Since a lot of our customers are surfers, we frequently hear about how much they enjoy using their Bitti Gitti at the beach. Sand brushes right off and, being that its all-acoustic with no batteries required, it's such a great, worry-free accessory to any beach party!

How do you decide which products to sell in your store?

We primarily select products based on how well they fit with our vibe, but items like Bitti Gitti that are unique and interactive tend to do especially well.

If you could open another store in any city in the world (w/o any limitations), which city it would be and why?

We currently have our eyes on Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Hoping to find the right space and open our first shop outside of the USA in 2023.

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