Behind the Scenes

A glimpse into our original Flowcraft™ method and core values for making timeless products.

award winning design objects at home
erbil sivaslioglu

Flow state

We believe in flow state crafting. In the flow state, every tiny detail is recognized and handled with love.

After years of experimenting, we figured that the best way to regularly get into the flow state was through an ideal environment.

The Ideal

What better environment than our homes? When you do everything from sanding wood to organizing sales calls in the same space - you learn to be extremely efficient with your routines and tools.

kerem gunes

Bitti Gitti founder Erbil:

Living with my creative work, discovering ways to improve is as normal as breathing.

erbil sivaslioglu
kerem gunes


By utilizing our personal spaces, we find the freedom to make one-of-a-kind products.

Our partners appreciate that we don't burden them with overhead costs.

Our customers are inspired to make their own homes flow state friendly.

Birch on a Sandy Road

We love making music. Here's one the latest tunes inspired from the long hours of sanding birchwood for the Wooden Sound System.

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Focus and play
for daily flow

Every Bitti Gitti object lasts for a lifetime - there is no room for mistakes.

For the best results in daily production, we balance handcrafting with various mid-day activities like making new tunes on the piano, screen printing and much more.

maker Erbil in his studio
engineering meets design

The future
of handcrafting

We love to combine traditional woodworking with the cutting edge 3D milling and laser engraving tools.

As remote collaboration tools and access to materials becomes easier, this method can be applied anywhere in the world.

One unit at a time

We hope you have a clearer image of the Flowcraft method behind our award winning design objects. We combine our engineering know-how with the ideal home workshop processes to reach every continent on the planet. One unit at a time, made with love.

purple wooden sound system holding lady

Making Moms proud

We believe in flow state crafting. After years of hand crafting, figured the best balance in daily production with various mid-day activities like making new tunes on piano, screen printing on various objects and much more.

Core Values

Powered by gratefulness

We fully embrace finding new ways to be grateful on almost every possible aspect of our daily lives.
Even the hardest quests are tackled by acknowledging how grateful we are to have such a challenge at hand.
Appreciating what we have, enables a positive mindset for figuring even more effective ways of action.

There is no way to happiness,
Happiness is the Way

Yes, we have a beautiful vision for the future, and we’ll build it one day at a time.

Enjoying our daily lives is not just to feel good, but it’s the only way for us to both work hard and smart.

Incremental improvements

As being fully immersed at the task we’re doing, we constantly seek tiny improvements. From sanding to packaging to customer relations, at every step of our activities there are thousands of minor improvements figured out in increments.

Small, continuous improvements on repetitive tasks are great resources for dopamine boosts during the day.

Aim for Zero Waste

As we are involved in every step of the production, we always try to find new ways to utilize excess materials.

Repurposing excess materials is an art form in our daily lives. The outer rings of the Wooden Sound System’s, turn into wooden screen printing frames. Excess paper strips, turn into paper-mache trays.

Fusion for the Win

Like in cooking, a pinch of a spice can elevate the whole meal. We tend to find the muse in a fusion between disciplines.
Instead of relying on solely traditional woodworking or CNC carving, we incorporate both for the best parts of them.

Fusing engineering with handcrafts, literature with marketing, and art with finance are some of the starting points.

Value Oriented

We love making things. But to take it a step further, we tend to create value for other people and businesses.

By reminding ourselves we’re a part of a community, we do our best to create unique value for our partners on this spaceship Earth.

Brains don’t get tired, they get bored.

In order to boost our capacity during the day, we like to wear different hats.
Not multitasking, but serial tasking.

Sharing is Loving

As R. Feynman said, “If you want to master something, teach it.” Sharing for us is not just to donate to organizations we admire, but also sharing the “how to’s” of building a long lasting organization.

From organizing workshops to publishing, we always try to incorporate our learnings into actionable editorials for our partners and customers.

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