Guest Post: Green Crafting - Create Your Own Sustainable Decoration

Guest Post: Green Crafting - Create Your Own Sustainable Decoration

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June 10, 2024

Hello, all the green crafting enthusiasts!

I am Jasmine, the creative lead of a luxury floral design boutique. Over the years, our team has been delighting clients with innovative designs and exquisite arrangements. While we are proud of our creations, we engage in constant learning and development to offer even better experiences to our clients. In our journey of growth, we gradually became aware of the significant, yet often overlooked, environmental impact of traditional floristry practices. This realization urged us to align our operations closer to sustainability.

In our quest to embrace green concepts in floristry, we stumbled upon Bitti Gitti and their eco-friendly, innovative products. As we delved deeper into their offerings and ethos, it resonated so profoundly with our sustainability goals that we knew a collaboration was inevitable.

Today, I'm thrilled to be a guest author on Bitti Gitti's blog. Being on the other side of the fence in the floral industry, my aim is to lend a unique perspective on these products, particularly the DIY Flower and Pot Kit. My first-hand experience with Bitti Gitti's offerings and their impact on our boutique's operations, customer experience, waste management, and overall sustainability is what I'm eager to share with you.

Our floral boutique’s story with Bitti Gitti is a testament to the fact that blossoming beauty and sustainable practices can harmoniously intertwine, creating a greener, more responsible future filled with vibrant life and color.

So, join me as I walk you through our experience - the challenges, learning, successes - in adapting to green crafting with Bitti Gitti. Like any new venture, it was exhilarating, enlightening and eventually, extremely gratifying!

Why Choose Bitti Gitti's Sustainable DIY kit

As a luxury florist boutique catering to a discerning clientele, we're dedicated to sourcing products that not only enhance our craft but are also responsibly produced. Bitti Gitti's DIY Flower and Pot Kit suits that criteria perfectly.

The primary factor that distinguishes the Bitti Gitti kit's sustainability is the use of FSC-certified birch wood. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification stands testament to the fact that the birch wood is sourced from responsibly managed forests, which are crucial in maintaining our planet's biodiversity. Opting for FSC-certified products ensures that you do not contribute to the disturbing rates of deforestation and habitat destruction that threaten our environmental stability.

From our boutique's perspective, using the Bitti Gitti kit has significantly slashed waste. Daily waste from fresh flowers is a stark reality for all florists. The wooden flowers from Bitti Gitti, being long-lasting, significantly decrease the material discarded over time. For instance, consider a recent event we designed for: a summer soirée that called for thematic décor to be displayed over a month. Instead of fresh installations that needed constant upkeep and replacement, the hand-painted wooden flowers from Bitti Gitti stylishly adorned the terrace garden with minimal maintenance, remaining as vibrant and fresh from day one to thirty.

The longevity of Bitti Gitti's wooden flowers adds another layer to the sustainability narrative. In stark contrast to fresh flowers, these flowers don't wilt away or lose their allure with time. Instead, they can be a permanent fixture in your floral arrangements or décor themes. Their timeless charm transcends seasons, making them both an economically smart and eco-friendly choice in the long run.

At our boutique, this has eased the demand for out-of-season flowers usually fulfilled via energy-intensive greenhouses or long-distance transports. For a winter wedding last year, the bride desired a bouquet featuring her favorite daisies, typically a spring bloom. Using Bitti Gitti's kit, we hand-painted wooden daisies to match her whimsical theme. Not only was this a sustainable solution, but it also offered the bride a memorable keepsake from her special day, which she proudly displays in her home today.

Choosing Bitti Gitti's DIY Flower and Pot Kit embodies a win-win solution: you indulge in an engaging crafting experience and emerge with an aesthetic product that contributes positively to our planet. With benefits so bountiful, it's a reflection of the better choices we can make to ensure that our Earth continues to blossom for generations to come. After all, as a luxury boutique, we aren't just curators of beauty but also custodians of nature's bountiful largesse.

How to Create Your Own Sustainable Decoration

Crafting sustainable decorations with Bitti Gitti’s DIY Flower and Pot Kit is not just easy, but it's an incredibly rewarding creative process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to give you a detailed insight:

1. Unpack your kit: Inside, you'll find all you need - beautiful birchwood flowers ready for your touch, a pot that would house your creation, and an array of water-based paints with a paintbrush.

2. Let the Colors Flow: The fun begins. Let your creativity run wild and start painting these delicate wooden flowers. Don’t worry about sticking to realistic flower colors - this is your masterpiece. Go monochrome, create gradients, or paint each petal in a different hue - it’s all about expressing yourself.

3. Paint the Pot: Why stop with the flowers? Give the wooden pot a whirl of your brush to extend your color story. You could opt for a contrasting shade or match it with one of the colors on your flowers—whatever complements your color scheme.

4. Assemble: Once your paint has dried, gently fix your flowers onto the pot. And voila! You have your sustainable decoration ready.

In our boutique, our designers explored a plethora of color combinations, themes and patterns. We discovered how versatile and gratifying the process can be. Browse through some of our creations below for inspiration.

colorful diy flower kit

Integrating Your Sustainable Décor into Your Home

Once you've finished your creation, it’s time for the spotlight!

1. Choosing the Right Spot: Place your decoration where it truly shines. This could be a console table, your work desk, window sill, or bookshelf. Remember, natural light will further enhance the colors of your painted flowers and pot.

2. Blend with Existing Décor: If you have a specific interior design in your space - Victorian, contemporary, rustic, etc., use complementary colors and designs on the wooden set. The DIY Kit's versatility can seamlessly merge with any style and uplift any décor.

3. Make it Real: Pair your wooden flowers with fresh foliage or flowers for a unique blend of everlasting and transient beauty. This not only adds a touch of natural charm but also creates an interesting play of textures and forms.

4.Seasonal Shimmer: Refreshing Décor with the Changing Seasons

One of the unique aspects of the Bitti Gitti DIY Kit is its adaptability to changing seasons and occasions. This means you can tweak your decor to suit the current time of year or an upcoming celebration, adding refreshing vibrancy to your home.

For instance, embrace the enchanting colors of autumn by painting your wooden flowers in hues of gold, burgundy, and orange. Come winter, you might choose to add a holiday spin with red and green, or a frosty sparkle with silvers and blues. Spring could see a wave of pastels and bright color splashes, while summer might call for a tropical theme painted in vibrant teals, pinks, and yellows.

To further enhance a seasonal touch, consider pairing your wooden flowers with real seasonal flowers or leaves. For instance, spring could see the addition of cherry blossoms or daffodils, while autumn might call for golden maple leaves.

Aesthetic Pairings for Enhanced Visual Appeal

To truly integrate your DIY kit into your home decor, think about aesthetic pairings that might go beyond flowers. For example, pairing the wooden flowers with antique vessels, art glass, or even small sculptures could create stunning results that truly reflect your personal style.

Ensure that these extra elements resonate with the overall theme of your home and the shades of your wooden flowers. The right pairing will not only enhance the beauty of your DIY kit but could also serve as a focal point in your living space.

Tips for Seasonal and Aesthetic Pairing:

Use your imagination – there are no limits. However, less is often more in terms of aesthetic appeal.Always consider your safety when integrating different materials like glass or metal into your décor.While maintaining the theme of your home, don't be afraid to experiment with colors, textures, and styles to create a décor that's uniquely you.By keeping your DIY decor flexible and fluid, you introduce a dynamic element that keeps your home feeling fresh and interesting. Moreover, the creative freedom the DIY kit offers can serve as an enjoyable activity and an expression of your personal aesthetic touch. So, let's get those creative juices flowing and welcome the charm of sustainable décor into your living space!

In our boutique, we have used these DIY kits to create event-specific designs and accent pieces. For instance, in a beach-themed bridal shower, we painted the flowers in hues of turquoise and sea green, and paired them alongside some fresh ferns and seashells for a mesmerizing tablespace.

Creating and displaying your own sustainable décor can transform your space into a reflection of your personal style, while also making a positive environmental statement. Every glance at your creation helps remind us of the beautiful balance we can strike between art, nature, and sustainability.

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