Benefits of handcrafting for creative corporate events

Benefits of handcrafting for creative corporate events

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February 28, 2023

Why DIY workshops is Better than any other Corporate Events?

Handmade events are the new way to go. They offer a human touch, which is often lacking in corporate events. Plus, they' enable custom product making, and you can be sure that they will be unique and memorable.

The handmade event is the new trend in corporate events. These are more affordable, provide a personal touch and ensure uniqueness of the event.

Why Handcrafting at a Corporate Event is Perfect for Employee Retention and Brand Building?

Handcrafted corporate events are about creating a memorable experience for the attendees. These events are not just about the food and drinks, but also about the ambiance and interactions with other attendees. It is a great way to build relationships with employees and create a sense of belonging.

Handcrafted corporate events are perfect for employee retention. They give employees an opportunity to show their appreciation for their colleagues in an informal setting, which boosts morale and makes them feel appreciated.

Here are some of Bitti Gitti's creative corporate workshop scenarios.

Bitti Gitti's Hand Crafting Workshops

Bitti Gitti is a creative studio that offers a range of hand crafting workshops, including Wooden Sound System customization, Wooden Notebook bookbinding, and screen printing. These workshops are designed to provide participants with a fun and engaging way to learn new skills and create something beautiful with their own hands.

Corporate creative DIY workshop

Hands on Smartphone Amplifier Customization Workshop

the Wooden Sound System comes in a raw birch wood form, where attendees can draw, paint and even use pyrography tools to customize as their liking.

Sound System Customization event is great for team building as well as celebration purposes.

Customization process can be done in half an hour, and results span a life long wooden smartphone amplifier.

You can learn more about the process here.

Handcrafting benefits in corporate life

Team Building and Collaboration

One benefit of Bitti Gitti's workshops is that they promote team building and collaboration. Working on a project together can help team members bond and develop a sense of camaraderie.

Stress Relief and Mindfulness

Another benefit of Bitti Gitti's workshops is stress relief. Research has shown that crafting can have a calming effect on the mind and body, reducing anxiety and promoting a sense of well-being. In a corporate setting, this can help employees feel more relaxed and focused, leading to increased productivity and creativity.

Sense of Accomplishment

Bitti Gitti's workshops provide participants with a tangible result that they can be proud of, whether it's a customized wooden sound system, a handmade notebook, or a screen-printed tote bag. This sense of accomplishment can be a powerful motivator, boosting confidence and self-esteem.

Sustainability and Eco-friendliness

Bitti Gitti's workshops are also a great way to promote sustainability and eco-friendliness. By using natural materials like wood and paper, and by encouraging participants to create something that they'll use and cherish for years to come, these workshops promote a more mindful and sustainable approach to consumption.

Creative corporate event

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a way to spice up your next corporate event, consider adding a hand crafting workshop from Bitti Gitti to the agenda. Not only will you provide attendees with a fun and unique experience, but you'll also promote team building, reduce stress, boost creativity and productivity, and encourage a more sustainable mindset. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

Let's get hands dirty!

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