From Fresh to Forever: A Florist's Guide to Preserving Flowers

From Fresh to Forever: A Florist's Guide to Preserving Flowers

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July 10, 2023

In the world of floristry, fresh flowers are an everlasting charm. Yet, they don't last forever. Amidst the transient beauty of these delicate blooms, lies the industry's latest trend - preserved flowers that defy time. Whether you're a seasoned florist or new to the business, this guide will introduce you to the rising trend of incorporating preserved and faux flowers into your arrangements, specifically focusing on the use of wooden flowers from the Bitti Gitti DIY Flower and Pot Kit.

Why Wooden Flowers?

As florists, we often look for ways to push boundaries and redefine the beauty and charm that flowers lend to us. Fresh flowers, though beautiful, are transient. They age, wilt and lose their glamour with time. Meanwhile, faux flowers seem to have found a steady place in the florist's toolkit, primarily offering longevity. However, amongst faux flowers, wooden flowers, specifically those crafted from birch wood like the ones in Bitti Gitti's DIY Flower and Pot Kit, are occupying an increasingly significant place.

But why wooden flowers?

Sustainability and Longevity

As consumers gingerly tread the path of sustainability, keen on making choices that are kinder to the planet, florists too are aligning their offerings with environmental consciousness. Wooden flowers, crafted from sustainably sourced birch wood, offer an eco-friendly alternative to fresh blooms and stand leagues apart from non-biodegradable plastic flowers. These wooden flowers don't wilt, don't need water, and are immune to seasonal constraints, providing a versatility that fresh flowers often cannot. Their undying charm and robustness make them ideal for arrangements that need to stand the test of time.

The question we must ask ourselves is:

Can we afford to ignore the spread of sustainability invading customer choices today?

Unique Charm and Customization

Each wooden flower in Bitti Gitti's DIY Flower and Pot Kit is a blank canvas, ready to be painted with your unique touch. Unlike fresh or most faux flowers, these wooden flowers can be customized to exactly match a chosen color palette. The DIY kit allows you to emulate the shades of nature or create a surreal piece of art - there's no limit to creativity. The control to decide the final aesthetic appeal of the flower breathes life into your artistic aspirations.

Doesn't the opportunity to design your own flowers and build a never-before-seen arrangement excite you?

Value for Money

While 'wooden flowers' may not sound economical, consider their durability, weather resistance, and perennial bloom. Factoring in these elements, wooden flowers offer incredible value for money. Their cost-effectiveness shines through more brilliantly when crafted into a boutonniere or corsage, or used in decorations that call for multiple rehearsals, where fresh flowers would struggle to maintain their vibrancy. Furthermore, isn’t it enticing to offer your customers an arrangement that promises a one-time investment for an everlasting bloom?

By contemplating these perspectives, we can see why wooden flowers are taking the floristry world by storm. They challenge the fleeting beauty of fresh flowers with their durable charm, salute the sustainability wave, and offer an unmatched opportunity to create personalized art, all while being surprisingly light on the pocket. As forward-thinking florists, the question really is - are we ready to embrace the winds of change and venture onto the path less taken? In essence, are we ready to dive into the captivating world of wooden flowers?

Getting Started with Bitti Gitti’s DIY Flower and Pot Kit

For curious florists wanting an insider's look at using the Bitti Gitti DIY Flower and Pot Kit, here's a comprehensive guide to working with the wooden flowers, painting them, assembling the pieces, and finally integrating them into fresh floral arrangements.

What’s in the Box?

On unboxing, you'll find a set of untreated, birchwood flowers and pot, a set of watercolor paints, and a brush. Each of the wooden pieces has been designed meticulously by the award-winning designer, Erbil Sivaslioglu, waiting eagerly to be brought to life by your magical touch.

Are you ready for the transformation?

Follow Your Colors: Painting the Wooden Flowers

The joy of the DIY kit lies in the painting process. Begin painted patterns on the flowers, or stick with monotones, the choice is yours. Watercolors lend a realistic tint to the flowers, making them look as alive as their fresh counterparts. With the sleek brush in your grasp, the flow of colors is in your control. Take your time on the delicate petals, and remember, with every stroke, you are creating a flower that defies time and season.

Assembling the Flower and Pot Ensemble

The assembly process is straightforward. Once the paint dries, place the wooden flower into the pot. It's as simple as that. But here's a fun part. Why not paint the pot too?

Imagine a themed arrangement where the flowers and pot share a color story. Exciting, isn't it?

Incorporating the Wooden Flower into Fresh Floral Arrangements

The crowning glory of this journey is incorporating your painted wooden flower into a fresh floral arrangement. Try harmonizing the wooden flower's color with those of fresh blooms, or add it as a centerpiece for an enchanting contrast. The wooden flower offers a timeless appeal to any design, making the arrangement a blend of fleeting and everlasting beauty.

How will you let your artistry take flight?

Florists' Experiences Using Wooden Flowers

Now you might wonder, how has this DIY kit fared in the hands of diverse florists? We bring you some compelling experiences that illuminate how versatile and impactful wooden flowers can be in different floral spaces.

Case Study 1: High-end Floral Design Studio

At a sophisticated floral design studio, creating unique designs is the norm. The Bitti Gitti DIY wooden flower kit enabled them to craft uncommon arrangements that are certain to turn heads. Maintaining their trademark luxury feel while introducing a sustainable and innovative component impressed their discerning clientele.

Worth a try, don’t you think?

Case Study 2: Local Flower Shop

For a local flower shop, the DIY wooden flower brought an opportunity to stand out in the locality. They used painted wooden blooms as eye-catching window displays, generating interests and questions from passersby that led to increased customer interaction and subsequently, better sales.

How about turning curiosity into customer engagement?

Case Study 3: Freelance Florist/Solo Entrepreneur

For a freelance florist, the DIY element of hand-painted arrangements provided a unique selling point for their services. Sharing the process online, and inviting clients to submit their color preference for a tailor-made floral artwork, won them significant social media traction and new commissions. Can you envision wooden flowers creating a buzz around your brand?

Through these experiences, we see how the simplicity of Bitti Gitti's wooden flower and pot kit marries seamlessly with the grand artistry of floristry, resulting in creations that are as unique as the artists behind them.

Can you resist the pull of this wave of floral innovation?

Ideas for Selling Arrangements with Wooden Flowers

Selling wooden flower arrangements can open up a new dimension of creativity and business opportunity for florists. From distinguishing your offerings to effective marketing and smart pricing strategies, we provide you with insightful ideas that can help you navigate this fresh, yet promising landscape.

Differentiating Your Floral Services

Florists are artists who constantly innovate with their medium - flowers. But when in a marketplace thronging with similar offerings, how do you stand out? The answer lies in wooden flowers and their timeless appeal. Introducing arrangements with wooden flowers in your portfolio offers a unique differentiation - the integration of art, craftsmanship and floral design. These wooden charms can be painted in any color, allowing unprecedented customization opportunities. Couple this with their longevity, a wooden floral arrangement stands out as a unique product line in your floral services.

Can you imagine the kind of memorable impression this would make on your first-time customers and role it can play in retaining your regular clientele?

Marketing Your Long-lasting Arrangements

Marketing of wooden flower arrangements can touch many chords. From the sustainability facet to highlighting their enduring beauty, a range of narratives can be built around these innovative creations. Capitalize on their customization aspect and showcase them as the perfect choice for corporate gifts, home décor, or long-lasting mementoes. Use social media to share the process of painting and arranging these wooden pieces to connect with your audience on a more personal level, allowing them to witness the birth of an art piece. Another fruitful marketing strategy could be to offer painting workshops, incorporating the DIY flowers and pot kit, thereby creating a community of people who appreciate the art of flower arrangement and the innovative products your brand introduces.

In today's digital age, what could be better than an active, engaged community amplifying your brand's presence?

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