Watercolor painting on TWS

Watercolor painting on TWS

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May 25, 2022

Watercolor paint has many benefits to utilize indoor environment.

It's easy to clean from unwanted surfaces yet stains birchwood pretty well.

IMPORTANT considerations:

Because of birchwood's natural beauty - watercolor paints are perfect to add color while protecting the natural feel and look of your Wooden Sound System.

BE CAREFUL to not apply varnish over an area you have painted - as both materials are water based they can become blurry upon contact.

The Wooden Sound System is your blank canvas, ready to absorb whatever you apply on. With a lifetime of around 100 years - don’t worry if you don’t get your desired results. You can always sand the outer layer and try again!

All you need is a cup of water to dilute paints.

Watercolor application on birchwood

Simply wet the brush, and mix your watercolor paints. You can mix two or more colors to create unique tints as well.

Combining letter and abstract forms

Designing with color

Watercolor paint can be used both for decorative elements as well as tracing letters and words.

Painting over a color darkens the tone. In addition to layering - you can also experiment with mixing colors on a separate tray or paper to blend new hues of color.

Try to sketch your design on your notebook first, in order to feel confident going ahead.

Data Visualizations on the Wooden Sound System

Masking tape for straight lines

If you want to create stripes of colors - masking tape is your best friend. 

Tape the masking tape on the birchwood. 

Apply some pressure with the back of your brush over the masking tape. 

This pressure is crucial for having sharp edges when we peel off.

Then simply paint on the surface. 

When you lift off the masking tape - an almost perfectly straight edge appears.

Stripes created with masking tape

Mixing colors for infinite shades

Overlaying the same color, darkens the tone. In addition to layering, you can also experiment with mixing colors on a separate tray or paper to blend new hues of color.

Watercolor paint application on the Wooden Sound System

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