B&W Marble
the Wooden Sound
System Bundle

Black Marble series is a combination of 2 of the best selling the Wooden Sound Systems.

Razor Black meets with 3 tone marbling process, resulting in unique patterns each time. German Design Award-winning the Wooden Sound Systems are suitable for all smartphones and provides 25dB increase volume on average.

black and white marble sound system

Unique Patterns Each Time

Requires no external power source and built for use for many years. the Wooden Sound System is not just great for listening to music, but also to make phone calls lauder for both sides.

Talking with family members is a great way to utilize the Wooden Sound System.

B&W Sound System

Everyday life usage

Thanks to its handcrafted silk smooth to touch all-natural Birchwood body, it provides the best performance on various conditions. Ready for using both outdoors, indoors, and wet/ humid places.

B&W Sound System

Sustainable Packaging

From creating remarkable images to adding a mindful boost to your day, there are many use-cases.
Hoping you enjoy your Wooden Kaleidoscope as much as we love making it. 

B&W Sound System
halftone wooden design object

Size and Weight


4.09 inches (104 mm)


1.58 inches (40 mm)


1.58 inches (40 mm)


11.28 ounces (320 grams)

Up to 4x boost in the perceived loudness

Thanks to inner channel system and 7 layers of birch wood, the Wooden Sound System increases volume by 25 dB without needing any external power source.

*iPhone 6s used in the test footage. Directly recorded from Fujifilm XT-10's built in mic in a living room environment.

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We love making stuff, this also includes making tunes. To celebrate the Wooden Sound System's natural volume boosting capability, we've launched our Spotify account.

Hope you'll enjoy the tunes.

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