Corporate Sales

Consider B2B sales for generating bulk orders

Corporate sales might generate impressive support for your monthly orders. As Bitti Gitti, more than half of the hand crafted object orders are coming from bulk sales for companies specific needs.

As a store owner, you can not only provide your Bitti Gitti products to local customers, but also with some customization alternatives we provide, you can reach out for a wider circle of small businesses. Here are a handful of variations we provide for the best experience.

B2B sales vs B2C sales

Custom Painted and Varnished Covers

Instead of the plain birch wood notebook covers, we can provide custom painted or even partially painted and varnished versions of the notebook covers. This customization is great for positioning the notebook making kits for small businesses. With pre made covers, kit concentrates on the notebook making process and deliver brand image in a ever lasting fashion.

wooden notebook

Screen Printed and Laser Engraved custom covers

Further customizations on the covers can be done in any bulk order. Laser engraving and screen printing are the two most natural ways of making everlasting marks on wood.

Organization's logo can be engraved or screen printed on any desired size as well as turned into a ready to print screen printing kit.

corporate notebook kits

Ready to print custom screens

Any one color design can be turned into a screen printing kit item. With the same frame 100s of prints can be made at home conditions. Music bands, artists and small businesses can generate an organic growth of reproduction of a desired design.

corporate events custom screen print garments

Motivational Events

Businesses can organize online and offline notebook making workshops with the custom labeled the Wooden Notebook Making Kits. With laser engraved or screen printed logos on wooden notebook covers and custom tutorial landing page for the brand makes this kit a super powerful tool for elevating corporate workshops.

corporate handcraft events
Notebook making workshop integrated in corporate educational session @Trendyol

Potential Approaches

Depending on your interest and circle of influence there might be many different genre of businesses and organizations to pitch bulk sales of customized Bitti Gitti line of products.

merch oriented sales
Music Bands

Screen printing kits with the bands logo or motto would be a great merch

startups oriented sales

Customized notebook kits as a motivational and remote workshop suppliments.

growth sales

From kickstarter projects to local organizations, custom labeled products great to offer as a merch.

college and universities corporate sales
College and Universities

Custom labeled notebook making kits and screen printing kits are great additions for any loved education community

unicorns corporate sales
Local Branches of Unicorns

Key account management and corporate workshops are two main value propositions for custom printed notebooks.

sports teams corporate sales
Sports Teams

Custom designed screen printing kit is one of the best ways to let fans show off their love through hands on experience on printing their garments at home.

screen printed non-profits corporate sales

Screen printing kits and custom notebook covers for all natural merch items.

youtubers merch ideas
Golf Clubs

Membership based communities can give away some notebook making kits for their members.

youtuber merch ideas

Influencers love having merchs that speak for themselves. Special screen printing kits and laser engraved notebook kits are a great addition for editional works.

We Can Help

We love to help you get the best out from your proposals. If you send us a detailed e-mail with project in mind and the company logo in vector format we can provide transparent product visuals accordingly.

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