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Simple tips for improving SEO

If you are using Shopify, Wordpress or custom designed websites from services like Webflow or SquareSpace it should be super easy to follow along and implement all of the tips listed here. If not, there are still possible workarounds with content customization for ranking organically higher on search results.

Having a blog at the same domain

If your blog is hosted on a separate subdomain like , than you might consider moving your blog content under your main domain like . All the internal linking from your blog posts to products would be listed under one domain. This would make search engines to crawl deeper on your domain and increase the possible ranking results on related pages.

subdomain seo tip

Using Schema & Microdata

Both with J-SON and inline html microdata, adding schema product information to your product pages would be a great addition to make search engines render and showcase your product pages. Even if you are not experienced with any programming before still google's developer center and easy to customize examples would be a nice start. You can always check your microdata customizations from structured data testing tool page before making final decisions.

schema org example for seo

Aiming for the niches

Instead of trying to get listed on the first search result page on a highly general terms like gifts, home accessories you can narrow your positioning. Try to think from the buyers perspective and look for a descriptive term on the search bar.

aiming for the niches

Creating unique content around the subject

Once you decide your niche search term, it's time to create some visual and copywriting material unique for the term. This will make visitors feel comfortable and stay longer to digest your crafted content. This can be some tips on how to use the products on daily basis, or some combination of products as listed around specific subject. Cross linking your product pages with your custom search term targeted pages will increase the chances for listing higher on the search results.

outdoor savvy
Outdoor Savvy term oriented the Wooden Sound System page illustration

Using clear Alt-Text for the images

Making your alt tex's of the photos on the pages well descriptive and consistent will make your page appear on those word search results on image results as well. Also alt-text appear when websites visited with bad connection or somehow the images could not be loaded.

alt text example

Increasing Backlinks

Backlinks are simply other websites referring to one of your websites. Higher the authority of the referral website, better backlink boost provides to your domain's result listing ranking. The most organic way of achieving good backlinks is creating shareable blog posts and custom pages.

5 different ways of utilizing a product, Various ways of customizing a product or and other type of product oriented yet useful on a specific genre pages might generate organic support for better SEO results.

Making Interviews with Key Partners and Influencers

Another organic way of having backlinks as well as creating original content around your value proposition is making interviews with your key partners and influencers around your target audience. Asking original questions or providing one of your products for an influence to try to use it on daily basis might be a good first step to generating original content.

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