the Wooden Screen Printer

Is a handcrafted high quality print maker, made from a unibody piece of prime quality birchwood and a silk screen.

It’s improved squeegee allows portability and increased ergonomic handling.

With water based ink it can be used on paper, textiles and wood ; and can be cleaned in seconds.

GDA 2019 Award Winner Screen Printer

Handcraft Your Reputation

The Wooden Screen Printer arrives ready to print, with an improved squeegee, water based ink and your design exposed onto your screen.

By making your own prints, you have greater design control over your brand. You can print just a few products, or hundreds ; anytime and anywhere you want.

Unibody Frame with Birchwoood

By having zero connection points, Bitti Gitti Wooden Screen Printing Frames have maximum durability. By using carefully selected Birchwood and coating with flaxseed oil its water resistant as well.

Engineering meets Design

By optimizing the production process of German Design Award 2018 winner the Wooden Sound System, we were able to get an unibody birchwood frame as a natural by-product.

%92 decrease in Plastic Usage

The improved squeegee contains %92 less plastic than traditional models, and is more ergonomic and easier to clean.

How you can use it?

The Wooden Screen Printer is easy to carry and also ship worldwide. It’s unibody frame makes it resistant to shocks and impact.

All materials come inside a screen printed canvas bag, with the packaging design ready to be customized on special request.

It can be used in all environments, and cleaned easily.

Where Can It Be Used On?

The same screen printing frame can be used to print on various surfaces like wood, cotton or paper.


Screen printed t-shirts are the best, because pressure sends the ink deep in the cotton for vivid colors and a smooth silky touch.


Screen printed totes are practical, affordable and intimate. They also make wonderful gifts.

Notebook Covers

Screen printing on notebook covers is a great way to add your designs in your daily routines.

Water Proof

Coated with flaxseed oil, the Wooden Screen Printer is waterproof. It can be cleaned and dried for use in multiple sessions.

Children Friendly

The lightweight wooden frame and ergonomic squeegee make it possible for children 4 years and older to make their own prints. Inks are water based and non-allergenic.


Each frame can be used to make hundreds of prints of a particular design. New designs can also be exposed and attached to the screen by hand.

Ready to Print

Each design is exposed onto the screen at our workshop, saving preparation time and effort for the user.

Learning Platform Enhanced

Every user gains access to the Bitti Gitti Platform, where they can learn the fundamentals of screen printing from mobile or desktop.

eco friendly


The Wooden Screen Printer’s improved equipment design and production process makes it the most ecologically friendly screen printing solution available.

How some of the world’s most valuable brands use screen printing

Live Screen Printing with H&M

With the goal of distributing the maximum number of discount coupons to the most qualified customers, H&M used the Wooden Screen Printer in 3 of the years biggest music festivals.

Festival goers screen printed tote bags of specially commissioned designed with their own hands, and received the discount code as a gift of their participation, thereby increasing engagement.

+2.500 Participant
+18 Hours
It takes 15 seconds to print, tens of years to tear

Screen Printed T-shirts

In preparation for the annual meeting of national distributors, Mercedes used the Wooden Screen Printer to create a truly unique promotional gift.

It commissioned an illustration of it’s classic O302 model, and screen printed it on t-shirt’s. Polls at the end of the event showed a higher than usual rate of satisfaction at the screen printed t-shirts.

Custom Gift Bags

In November 2010, Unilever announced it’s Sustainable Living Plan, which set out it’s sustainability commitments and targets for the next decade.

This plan is not just central to the company's business strategy but, in the words of CEO Paul Polman, a "new business model".

Unilever has used the Wooden Screen Printer in multiple projects, lowering it’s marketing department’s carbon footprint and introducing a sustainable way for teams to produce their own designs.

New Logo Celebration

Airbnb introduced its new logo, the Bello, in 2014. The logo was a combination of four simple symbols: a head to represent people, a location icon to represent place, a heart for love and then an A for Airbnb.

The company used the Wooden Screen Printer in a workshop for Istanbul super-hosts, where they screen printed the Bello onto their own t-shirts.

Screen Printing Kits

Print your designs on various surfaces like paper, cotton, t-shirts and wood to create everlasting natural prints.

With the Bitti Gitti 2019 German Design Award Special mention award winning screen printing kit you can start making your own prints wherever you are.

Sustainable Screen Printing Tips at home

the Wooden Sound Systems

2018 German Design Award winner all natural the Wooden Sound System is suitable for all smartphones and increase volume up to 4 times as well as increasing the sound quality.

You can select from variety of unique colors also pick up a DIY kit to design your the Wooden Sound System.

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