the Wooden Sound System

Is a German Design Award 2018 winning smartphone speaker, handcrafted from prime quality birchwood. It increases sound volume by an average of 25 dB’s and widens tonal range.

It requires no batteries or power source, and the universal design fits all smartphone models to provide
the best sound experience.

Wooden speakerAhşap HoparlörBitti Gitti Ahşap HoparlörAhşap Hoparlör

Engineering meets Design

At first glance, it’s simple and friendly design meets the eye. Birchwood’s orthotropic structure widens tonal range for warmer sound.

7 layers of precisely cut rings provide amplification. Vibrations travel from the smartphone’s speaker into a specially designed channel and out through the layers for room filling sound.

Wider tonal range

The unique mechanical and acoustical properties of wood delivers a warmer tone, smoother highs, and more prominent bass.

+25dB increase in volume

Tested with 1 kHz sine waves on the iPhone 7, an amplification of 25 decivels is observed, which is an increase of 500% compared to phone speaker volume.

Wooden speakerAhşap HoparlörBitti Gitti Ahşap HoparlörAhşap Hoparlör

Complete Workshop Kit

Bitti Gitti workshop kit includes everything from wood letter burner to natural varnishes to various colorful touches there are hundreds of unique ways to customize your sound system.

Internal Applications

External Applications

enjoy the complete design process

From sanding to painting, or wood burning and the tone of the final varnish, variations are limitless.

Every sound system is unique to its creator.

e-Learning Platform

The Bitti Gitti Platform featuring tips on subjects such as painting, wood burning, how to apply coating and screen printing. Accessible on mobile or desktop.

Hands on customization

Silk smooth sanded Wooden Sound Systems are ready for painting, wood burning and hand lettering.

With variety of colors and all natural varnish options every sound system is one of a kind.

Loved & Trusted by industry leaders since 2013

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