the Pinhole
Discovery Kit

The Pinhole Discovery Kit is a ticket to the purest form of photography in existence.

3 booklets cover all major aspects, and a fisheye TinCam ready to use when the reader decides to have a hands-on experience.

Tin Pinhole Camera Essentials Kit

Thousands of hours of experience

Pinhole photography is the most achievable way to experience all the transformative steps in making a photograph.

Bitti Gitti's years of pinhole camera making and workshop experience are compiled with every inspiring and informational aspect into 3 booklets.

Tin Pinhole Camera Essentials Kit

The book cover is a camera

The box that holds the booklets is actually a specially crafted pinhole camera. Drilled with a diamond bit for precision, with a magnetic shutter that's incredibly easy to control.

It works with a variety of photo papers, which can be sourced from a local shop or online.

All the techniques mentioned in the booklets can be experimented with this camera. Readers also learn how to make their own cameras referencing the pinhole size and dimensions of their starter camera.

Tin Pinhole Camera Essentials Kit

Casual read,in-depth learning

As R. Feynman said; "If you want to master something, teach it." We've taken this seriously: Our founder Erbil Sivaslıoğlu taught creative darkroom techniques at university level and organized over 250 photography workshops.

Years of experience is compiled in a casual reading format with explanatory illustrations and easy to understand diagrams. This 3 booklet set is the ultimate reference medium for pinhole photography.

Tin Pinhole Camera Essentials Kit

What's Covered in the Booklets?

Pinhole Camera Making

This booklet showcase the basic principles of how the analog cameras work and how to make one to use.

1. Principles of the pinhole camera
2. How to make a pinhole camera
3. How the camera dimensions create various effects
4. Best ways to drill a pinhole
5. Calculating exposure times for various conditions
6. How to make a shutter systems

Darkroom Setup & Photo Development

This booklet focuses on setting up a temporary darkroom with everyday materials and tips on the developing processes.

1. Why setting up a darkroom?
2. Making a darkroom without safe lights
3. Developer and Fixer chemical advices and ratios
4. Developing the negative of the photographs
5. How to make positive prints from the negative images
6. Alternative developing techniques

Inspirational Tips and Techniques

Pinhole photography has unique usages for creating abstract of even impossible to achieve with digital photography. This booklet explores the possibilities.

1. Fisheye lens effect cameras
2. Infinite depth of focus
3. Hyper long exposure photography
4. Multiple exposure photography
5. Folding photo paper techniques for abstract photography
6. Inspirational photo examples with exposure times and weather conditions for reference.

Size and Weight


3.93 inches (100 mm)


3.93 inches (100 mm)


5.50 inches (140 mm)


17.67 ounces (500 grams)

Not just a book,
it's also a camera

After getting all the information and inspiration to start your pinhole photography journey, your first pinhole camera is already at your hands.

Great for gifting, learning, experimenting and self expression.

All of the photos above shot with the TinCam

Jumpstart pinhole journeys

Affordable pricing, captivating design and an advanced pinhole camera is the perfect start to a lifelong creative journey

Pinhole discovery kit
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