the Wooden
Musical Wheel in action

the Wooden Musical Wheel is a great tool for practicing and song writing. With its unique approach to layout all "the right notes" within a scale, music theory becomes more approachable and fun for a wider audience.

In this page you can experience some of its main use case scenarios.

the Wooden Musical Wheel
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Building Major Scales

The major scale is one of the most commonly used musical scales, especially in Western music.

There are many ways to practice and memorize major scale in every key. the Wooden Musical Wheel is a great tactile and visual representation of it.

You can find all the notes in any major key by placing I aligned with the desired note.

C Maj
F Maj
Click to select a scale.
music theory practice tool
the wooden musical tool

Building Chords

We can make chords, mainly using 1,3 and 5th degrees. Instead of following numbers, another easy way to visualize it is skipping a note in a scale. Let's make C major chord as an example;

C Maj chord notes

We can also spice up the mood of the chord by extending it with the other scale degrees. Extended chords are widely used in soul and jazz tunes.

make it 7th
make it 9th
make it 11th
make it 13th
Click to select a chord type
Chord tones
music theory practice tool
the wooden musical tool
And it works for all 12 keys!

Building Chord Progressions

Chord progressions are series of two or more chords used in a piece of music. The chords in a progression are represented by roman numerals and are determined by key. From Billie Eilish to Bill Evans, chord progressions determine how a piece of music unfolds over time.

the Wooden Musical Wheel is a great tool to build chords from desired scale degrees.

Click to select each chord.
Chord tones
music theory practice tool
the wooden musical tool

Practicing Modes

Intermediate Level Tip

the Wooden Musical Wheel is not just made for major keys, it actually represents all 7 modes; Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian and Locrian.

As the roman numerals under each hole represents whether its a major, minor or a diminished tonality.

Modulation and Cadences

Advance Level Tip

By borrowing chords from other scales, you can create variety of expressions within the same chord progression. Instead of just using the diatonic scale degrees, we can temporarily make our ii chord as I and create a chord progression based on it.

Sample Usage

Thanks to the Wooden Musical Wheel, even not so experienced players like us can come up with the "right notes" on the spot as in this improvisation on Erik Satie's Gnossienne #1 piece.

It's in Fmin, which is the 6th of a G# Major key.

To find the diatonic notes in F minor scale, aligning Vi to the F in the Musical Wheel is enough to reveal all the related notes in the scale.

You can download the backing track we've made for this tune below.

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