"Come On Right Now": The Sonic Experience to Ignite Your Creative Spirit

We are delighted to present our most recent musical endeavor, "Come On Right Now," now available for your listening pleasure on Spotify.

As an innovative brand deeply rooted in the culture of handcrafted items, we don't just limit the scope of our creativity to physical designs. We extend this love for meticulous detail and individuality into every sphere of our creative adventures, even into the domain of creating music.

Here at Bitti Gitti, we consider ourselves blessed to have a vibrant crew of die-hard music enthusiasts who spare no effort in making the magic happen. Our team's tenacity and creative talent interweave to form a beautiful tapestry of sound. We thrive on live drum sessions that hold the beat, melodious guitar and bass combos that create pleasing harmonies and astonishing piano parts that constitute the track's soul, all perfectly blended using the latest mixing and recording techniques.

"Come On Right Now" is a particularly noteworthy composition, designed primarily to accompany our latest masterpiece—the Wooden Sound System DIY Kit. The track and sound system form a captivating combination designed to enhance the user experience, adding an extra layer of creativity and charm to the time spent with our DIY kit.

The underlying concept behind this song goes beyond a pleasant listening experience; it is specifically crafted as a muse to spark creativity. Our goal is to create a musical piece that serves as a procrastination killer, providing an energetic boost to unblock artistic minds and fuel the flow of creative juices.

We invite you to listen, enjoy, and let the charm of "Come On Right Now" stimulate your imagination, ignite your creative spirit, and spark an unforgettable symphony of experiences.

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