Notebook Making Workshop

Notebook Making Workshop

Bitti Gitti provides all the equipment and techniques to design and hand bind notebooks within your organization.

From congresses to vision meetings there are many occasions to integrate notebook making to make your values resonate for years.

Natural Notebooks


Using your hands and recycled materials, you dramatically lower the CO2 emissions produced compared to a mass produced notebook.

We'd like to imagine both Greta and your CEO would approve!

Notebook Customization


Water coloring, wood burning with pyrography techniques and choosing your color of waxed thread are just a few paths to take on the customization journey.

Hands get dirty, mind gets clean.

Ergonomics of a notebook


Thanks to the traditional Coptic binding technique, your new notebooks fold open totally flat.

Even a tiny increase in ergonomy gives your brain an incentive to use it more

Easy integration, everlasting results

Turn your important meetings to remarkable moments by introducing hands on creativity.

With Bitti Gitti's Notebook Workshop Kit, you can organize a stand alone event for team gatherings or integrate it with your corporate events. Any location, any number of attendees is possible with Bitti Gitti's modular workshop material system.

Notebook Making Kit

All you need is
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Bitti Gitti provides all the equipment and techniques to design and handcraft notebooks within your organization.

Wooden notebook covers and creativity boosting tools, combined with follow along 3D instructions are all you need to unleash the creative notebook designer in you.

Notebook Workshop gives you skills for life.

What's inside?
Notebook Making Tutorials

Every Step Visualized in Precision

Every step in binding the perfect notebook broken down into steps and animated with 3D visualizations, making sure you focus only on the creative parts.

Coptic bookbinding first used from as early as the 2nd century and requires years of practice and patience. Thanks to Bitti Gitti's complete set of materials and instructions,  attendees finish their first notebook under 45 minutes.

Animated Gifs
Step by step Explanations
Inspiring Examples
Here's how some of the industry leaders use notebook making workshops
Social Responsibility

Hands on Social Good

Garanti BBVA introduced notebook making workshops for their summer internship graduates. Pairing them with elementary school kids, letting them express their vision and good wishes through handcrafted notebooks.

It's a triple win situation where everybody is gaining a new perspective and have a strong memory of the period spent together.

Garanti BBVA Bank / Talent Camp Event '19
Team Building

Experience Together

Team building activities should be both fun and productive. Notebook making Bitti Gitti style is in the center of both.

Insider integrated notebook making workshop to their monthly get together events not just to learn making notebooks but to keep making them for specific scenarios. Sharing techniques and styles as experiences grow.

Insider Inc./ Weekly Team Building Event '19
Corporate Education Integrations

Executive Board Meetings

Evaluating complex systems becomes much more clearer when various perspectives introduced.

Gilead Sciences integrated notebook making workshops  with coaching workshops to create a remarkable learning experience.

From designing mental hooks to creative writing techniques there are many supplementary activities involved in notebook making workshop aimed for personal growth

Gilead Sciences / Coaching Workshop '19
Visionary Meetings

HR Day Special Event

Danone HR team used notebook making workshop to visualize their 2020 human resources vision. Starting with designing the expressive covers for the general feeling of the vision. Followed by designing the 5 different segments in the notebooks for triggering them to question their current thinking position.

While learning a new technique and designing a love notebook, Danone HR team also got amazing results on gaining new perspectives under 60 minutes.

Danone / HR Day Workshop '19

Let's Make it Happen

If you have an important event ahead, we'll be delighted to make it even more memorable and effective by providing our Notebook Making Kit.

Let us know about your organization and approaching event, we will work together to make notebook making workshop matches perfectly with your team.

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