Creativity Stations

Bitti Gitti's award winning functional design objects comes ready to customize with all the equipment ready with the Creativity Stations. Your employees can utilize the station whenever they feel extra inspiration.

Customized for your needs

Every corporate training is different, so why use the same materials for every workshop? Apart from everyday meeting tools, by introducing training specific materials you can infuse creativity and motivation. By analysing your training programme, Bitti Gitti creates remarkable objects to use during corporate trainings.

From booklets to interactive pages, 3D renderings to handcrafted objects, there is always a Bitti Gitti way of transfering ideas.

In-house Creativity

With the goal of distributing the maximum number of discount coupons to the most qualified customers, H&M used the Wooden Screen Printer in 3 of the years biggest music festivals.

Festival goers screen printed tote bags of specially commissioned designed with their own hands, and received the discount code as a gift of their participation, thereby increasing engagement.

+2.500 Participant
+18 Hours
It takes 15 seconds to print, tens of years to tear

Key Account Management

Creativity Station also opens up endless opportunities for your employees to express their interest on their key accounts. Handcrafted objects, designed specifically for a special one is an unforgettable move.