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We love collaborating with like minded creatives from all industries. If what we're doing resonates with you and you feel like have an upper hand on making suggestions about Bitti Gitti reach to us! We're always looking out for ways to collaborate on relationships with creatives.

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Depending on your interest area, we will send you monthly updates on our upcoming products, share the recent prototypes and much more. If you enjoy them, you spread the word with your audience.

Current Ambassadors

Johannes Mundinger

Berlin, Germany

Johannes Mundinger was born in 1982 in Offenburg, Germany. He studied in Munich and Brussels. He is currently based in Berlin, where he is part of the Urban Spree Gallery. Johannes creates murals and interactive installations, often with site-specific elements. His works can be seen not only on the streets but also in art galleries and museums.

Ruben Sanchez

Madrid, Spain

Ruben Sanchez is a Spanish artist whose style has evolved into a colorful combination of diverse elements that reflect his background.

Canan Dağdeviren

Berlin, Germany

Canan Dagdeviren joined the faculty in January 2017 to direct the new Conformable Decoders research group at the MIT Media Lab. The group creates mechanically adaptive electromechanical systems that can intimately integrate with the target object for sensing, actuation, and energy harvesting, among other applications.

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If you've great communication skills with a passion for design this is a huge tick!

Currently Bitti Gitti products are available in 20 states, if that's not enough for you, than hit us your expansion plan and your role on making it happen.

Distribution Planner

Expertise in logistics and having a network of local distribution providers is a great pitch line.

Let us know what might me missing out now and how you can take a part to make our distribution process even smoother.



Bitti Gitti has 2 concurrent German Design Awards in a row! And there are still cities our products hasn't landed. If that hurts, and you have a feeling that is the right opportunity for you to shine, hit us with a one month action plan!

Key Account Management

Thanks to Bitti Gitti's corporate event's success with global brands in Turkey, there are more than a dozen of leaders in their sector partnering with Bitti Gitti.

If you have a corporate business life experience but now you want to be on the visitor side of the meetings this might be a great opportunity for you to take the lead. Let us know about your previous experience on corporate relations and how you can utilise your expertise to elevate our existing relationships in Europe.

Reach us for more!

This part of the Bitti-Gitti page is not fully developed yet. Meanwhile please enjoy a 3D model of a horse extracted from hundreds of real photos of a statue.

Apart from making hand-crafted objects, we're always enjoy learning the leading technology to bring the best of the both worlds together.

+2.500 Cubic skillset
+18 Hours a day of creativity
It takes 15 seconds to print, tens of years to tear